Talent Audit

Increasingly, decisions about strategic direction and organisational structure (or restructuring), means decisions about talent. Talent impacts not only on your ability to execute, but also on your stakeholders' confidence in that ability. As such, talent is a rapidly increasing source of value creation.

A Talent Audit is a systematic management and | or leadership review, which aims to measure, align and develop talent against current and future business needs. The audit generates rich, detailed information on both organisational and individual capabilities to execute strategic imperatives. These imperatives may include driving growth, entering new markets, transforming organisational culture, or integrating a new acquisition.

Forward-looking companies seek to increase 'bench strength' and create high-performance work cultures by evaluating management and | or leadership talent on a regular basis. Such organisational talent reviews provide leverage in helping achieve large-scale shifts in organisational focus brought on by events such as a merger or a significant change in strategic direction.

The eclectic assessment process is influenced by the following models:

  • Matrix of Work (work done by Elliot Jacques and Gillian Stamp)
  • Leadership Pipeline (work done by Drotter, Charan and Noel)

We ground our approach on a deep understanding of how unique business challenges shape organisational and job requirements.

The results are presented in an easy-to-interpret format that provides a visual overview of:

  • Demographics (by organisational level or talent pool)
  • Organisational depth (or bench strength) at a certain level in the business
  • High-potential employee profile
  • Areas of business risk | vulnerability (significant gaps between talent management requirements and the organisation's ability to execute successfully against those requirements).

The process also reveals clarity on the relative distribution of performance levels and potential across management levels.