Executive Conversations

Upon request, principal consultants conduct these conversations with CEOs and their Executive Teams. Topics, which centre on key subjects relating to the talent management domain, include:

  • Implementing talent management good practice
  • Aligning Leadership Capability, Culture and Strategy
  • Identifying and developing top talent and future leaders
  • Contemporary approaches to succession management
  • Assessing and minimising human capital risk
  • Segmented retention strategies
  • Selection practice re-engineering
  • Talent development
  • Science-based approaches to high-volume recruitment and selection (e.g. greenfield projects or brownfield conversions).

The departure point is usually an identified burning people issue that requires a solution. These conversations last about 2 hours, are semi-structured, and happen at the client's premises.

The objectives of these conversations are to:

  • Clarify the issue in question
  • Confirm previous approaches to dealing with the issue
  • Explore fresh approaches and solutions.

In this context, our consultants act as both sounding boards and thought leaders.