Experts in talent strategy design, assessment-driven leader development, high potential employees and human capital risk management.

The Talent Institute is a privately held boutique professional services firm that specialises in strategic talent management consulting. Specifically, we focus on helping clients develop and implement strategies and practices to more effectively manage the selection, deployment, development and retention of talent to support current business strategies and to prepare for future challenges.

Our focus is on reducing people risk in organisations, which ones to hire or promote and when, how to develop them to their fullest potential, and how to organise them and systems around them to maximise their collective potential.

Our core competency lies in our ability to interpret talent analytics in the context of strategy and business impact, and the use of predictive intelligence to inform risk mitigation, capability development and talent investments.

Grounded in organisational psychology, and the science of measuring and developing people and organisations, we leverage research, analytics, expertise and industry insights to enable business performance by removing the guesswork from making decisions about people.


  • Executive Conversations
  • Strategy Design
  • Talent Management Architecture Design
  • Leader Effectiveness
  • Talent Analytics